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To Keep Your Students Engaged, You Need to Know the Fundamentals

Active classrooms and movement programmes are experiencing rapid growth, yet most teachers struggle to inspire their students …

  • They don’t have a proven framework for their P.E. lessons
  • No one has given them a plan for starting a new programme
  • They struggle to engage all students in the activities
  • No one is training or supporting them
  • They rely on expensive, time-consuming infrastructure
  • They don’t have creative games to inspire their students

When you have a P.E. teaching system to follow and a curriculum that delivers real results for students, you’re unstoppable. Deliver even more value for students and grow your career or business as a Street Racket Certified Coach.

Here is why Street Racket Certified Coaches are the most sought-after coaches in the industry.

Designed for Variety

Includes Curriculums

Used around the Globe

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With the Street Racket Certification You’ll Get …

  1. Best practices to teach the Street Racket concept
  2. Complete curricula to run your lessons with
  3. Certification by an internationally recognized brand
  4. Ongoing new activities to grow your programmes
  1. Best practices to teach the Street Racket concept
  2. Complete curricula to run your lessons
  3. Certification by an internationally recognized brand
  4. Ongoing new activities to grow your programmes

Street Racket Coaches Are the Best in the World Because:

1. The Process is Proven
The practical framework was built to train our own team members and has guided thousands of coaches to run & grow their own programmes.

2. The Curriculums are Simple
The lesson plans you will use make running your programme feel fun and easy, even for teachers with little or no experience.

3. Their Brand is Trusted
The Street Racket certification is used globally, and people know the process will work.

Get the Course Content

This certification gives you a step-by-step plan for how to teach Street Racket to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.


   Who and for what level of experience is it for?

It is suited for all teachers and coaches even with no teaching experience or knowledge in this field. We built the Street Racket Certification Course for teachers who want to start a new programme or school. The course gives you the knowledge to step into a classroom with confidence and be able to explain your teachings to parents, principals, and clients.

In addition, if you need a proven P.E. curriculum to stand out and keep students engaged but spend nights and weekends researching and planning.
Therefore with the certification, you get a curriculum that works and you can follow step by step.

Used by: Schools, P.E. Teachers, Afterschool Coordinators, Early Childhood Teachers, Kindergarten Staff, PreK/Preschool Teachers, Educators, Therapists, Parents, Kindergarten, K-1 Schools, Head Start Schools, Playschools, Learning Centers, Daycare Centers, Sports Organisations, Private Schools, Businesses, Sports Academies, Sports Clubs, Kids Gyms, Activity Centers, Martial Arts Studios, Community Centers, Fitness Centers, Youth Programmes… and more!

       What do I get with the certification course?
  1. Access to the online certification course.
  2. Certificate as Street Racket Certified Coach upon successful completion of the course.
  3. 1-year access to the Street Racket Academy including 4 complete P.E. curriculums for ages 3-4, 4-5, 5-6 & 6-7.
  4. New video lessons weekly.
  5. Access via Mobile App.
  6. Certified Coach Logo

Have a look inside the Street Racket Certification Course to get a better idea of what to expect.

       Can I access ALL of the certification & curriculum content immediately?

Yes, you will be sent to an account creation page right after your purchase to access ALL of the content immediately.

       What format are the course materials conducted in?

There are 2 parts to the online certification course:

Part 1 is the theoretical part that gives you foundational knowledge on the central learning objectives of physical education in kindergarten.

The content is:

  • 24 lessons with a quiz that needs to be completed successfully.
  • 2 lessons without quizzes.
  • 3 intro and outro pieces of content

Part 2, the most important part, 2 fully developed curricula that are in video format with students demonstrating the activity and progressions. Many additional resources are presented in text form.

  • Access to all our curricula will be granted for a full year from the date of purchase. You then have a choice of renewing your yearly membership at a 50% discount.
  • We add 4 new activities on a weekly basis to the curriculum and you will be notified by email.
  • All materials are accessible online, either through a browser or our app (you will need to be connected to the internet to access our content).
  • We don’t provide downloadable PDFs or ebooks. 

Watch the trailer (above) to see how the curriculum is presented.

       How many hours of total study should I expect?

We estimate 10-15 hours of focused attention to complete the course. We tried to compress our knowledge into a condensed course with the most relevant content.

       Can I go through the course on my own schedule?

Yes, you can complete the course on your own schedule, whenever you want, and take as much time as needed.
Keep in mind that access to the curricula is valid for one full year from the start of the purchase.
You will then get a 50% discount to renew your curriculum subscription if interested.

       How will I be certified?

Upon successful completion of all the quizzes in the Street Racket Certification Course, you will be officially recognized by the Street Racket Academy as a Certified Coach.
We will send you the official digital certificate and your name will be listed on our website as a certified coach.

       What form of certificate do I get?

We send out a digital, signed certificate in high definition for you to be able to print and use according to your own needs and dimensions.

       Where is the Street Racket Certification recognised?

The Street Racket Certification is recognized by the International Association for Children’s Active Play & Sports (CAPS) and is a top 100 innovation at Hundreg.org, a global innovation company.
We collaborate with Prof. Christian Herrmann at the University of Zürich, Switzerland, MOBAK for motor competency assessment tests, which are co-funded by the Erasmus Program of the European Union, and Prof. Amin Gholami, Director of Motor Behavior Research Center at the Sport Sciences Research Institute of Iran (SSRI). As we operate globally we don’t seek accreditation in each country.

The Street Racket Certification is used in all 5 continents and all major countries around the globe. We have exclusive national partners in China, India & the United States, and many major countries around the world.
We are one of the most recognizable brands for PE/Active classroom in the world.

       What can the Street Racket Certification training be used for?
Use the knowledge to:
  1. Start your own business or programmes.
  2. Learn a new tool to inspire your students and rejuvenate your teachings.
  3. Use our accreditation to improve your job position and status among peers.
  4. Explain and educate parents, principals, or potential clients.
  5. Implement our proven curricula with 10 years of testing to run and teach your own sports classes, saving lots of time.
       Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We’re extremely confident that you’ll find the Street Racket certification course & curricula useful in more ways than one. We operate a strict no-refund policy.

       Which currencies can I pay in?

You can purchase the Motor Skill Learning Certification Course in any currency you prefer. Your credit card company or Paypal will automatically convert the purchase price into your credit card or PayPal account’s base currency.
As currencies fluctuate constantly, check out a currency converter to get up-to-date exchange rates.

       Do I have to renew the certification every year?

No, after successfully completing the Street Racket Level I coaching course you will maintain the status as certified coach for life.
We recommend taking the Level II coaching course to deepen your knowledge.

       Is the certification course available in other languages?

Currently, the Street Racket certification programme is available in English  (German, French and Spanish are planned).
The curricula are all video-based with students participating in real class settings with English voice-overs. You should be able to understand the games and activities in the videos just by watching them. (a German curricula is planned also).

       What is the difference between the online certification and the live workshop?

The online certification is more thorough in theory than the live workshop. It is a self-study course you can take at your convenience, especially for people living far away from the workshop places.

The live workshop is very practically focused with demonstrations of how we run the games and make them easier or increase the challenges.
The networking with other participants includes showing their favourite games so you can profit from the experiences of many other experts in this field.

Both the online and the live workshop coach certification come with full-year access to the motor skill learning academy, including all the resources and curriculums.